Ambassadors of the Wine Industry

202 England Street, Suite B
Ashland, VA 23005

Our Mission

International Wine Country has targeted the Central Virginia, USA corridor to built a Theme Park for fellowship and touring of International Viniculture and Viticulture. With an industry experiencing its most robust period in our history, the unparalleled demographics and location were the major factors influencing this site’s selection. Our goal is to facilitate and enable the sharing of wines, its art and part of life, being as ancient as humanity itself.

Our Board

Our Board is presently composed of 5 persons of notoriety either in marketing, development, entertainment, viniculture, viticulture or other areas of relativity to the wine industry.

Upon a forthcoming time, the board will follow guidelines complying with the appropriate laws and become a board of 12 over a structured cooperative. Much assistance had been provided by the Unisted States Department of Agriculture.

Meet some of our Current Board.


Ambassadors are sought from all geographic regions around the world. This implementation and its application is unlimited. An Ambassador once approved by the board may be a primary source to any geographic region world wide or he or she may also be a solicitor to International Wine Country. While our ambassadors are not limited in number, we are sure they will be a strong link to International Wine Country’s growth for generations to come.

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