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About Us

International Wine Country in its present conception was the assembly of it’s present CEO and President, Mike Pintz in 2010. This idea was spawned from his years of experience as a real estate developer, and because of properties having been assembled by board member, and two time cancer survivor Gil Miles.  Gil’s work also led to the creation of “Wine for Cures” ( . Both Miles and Pintz have worked 1000’s of hours researching, studying and testing the development, it’s philosophy, and concepts.

In the early stages Pintz began to study a method to provide this project with staying power that would either allow industry ownership or neutralization and protection of involvement. This concept led to the research of Cooperatives, and the close working  with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and it’s legal department in Washington D.C. The cooperative structure will be fulfilled when the project is in order.

The web site ( was launched in July of 2011Since that time, exploration of the desired look has been and is still under way. A relatively small staff  is daily at work along with employed designers and advisors.

A project of this magnitude is realized to cost into the scores of millions. While it has not been totally funded, Pintz has likewise included funding as a necessity. After study and research, he believes that he will be able to produce the necessary amounts at the appropriate time.

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